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Tsakhkazard Festival For Kids And Families!

Are you ready for a day of non-stop fun and excitement?

Join us in celebrating one of the most beloved holidays, Tsakhkazard, declared a blessing day for children. Fill your kid's day with festive activities and unforgettable experiences while connecting them with their roots through Armenian culture and traditions. Whether your child is into music, sports, arts and crafts, science, or all the above, we've got something for everyone!


Why Attend The Tsakhkazard Kids Festival?


What is Tsakhkazard?

Tsakhkazard (Palm Sunday) is a celebration observed one week before Easter. The Armenian Church also declares this day as a Day of Blessing the Children, commemorating the kid's joyful welcoming of Jesus's entry into Jerusalem. Armenian churches are adorned with palms and olive branches on Tsakhkazard, and after blessing, they are distributed to the congregation. People believe that keeping blessed willow branches and wheat spikes, representing a bountiful harvest, brings happiness and good fortune.

Tsakhkazard, which means decorated with flowers in English, predates Christianity and symbolizes the renewal of nature and the power of the heavens. The Kenats Tsar, also known as the Tree of Life, was central to the celebrations that preceded Christianity. One of the traditions still observed today is the tying of colorful cloth to the branches of sacred trees as prayers, wishes, and dreams are offered to the heavens. The trees are also decorated with eggs, symbolizing life, fertility, and rebirth.


Introduce your child to new activities.

Schools and various arts, sports, and science centers will showcase their services at the festival. The program includes gymnastics, martial arts, chess, robotics, and dance groups, among others, at an open-air stage.


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For Parents

At the festival, we'll have experts who can provide valuable tips and advice on child development. Join us at the event to learn more!


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Support kids in Artsakh and Armenia

A portion of the proceeds will be allocated to charitable organizations that support children in Artsakh and Armenia.


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